Pro tip: Check these Facebook Page Settings!

You may already have a Facebook Page set up for your business, interest, or organization. If you do, here are a couple of settings you may want to look at to optimize your Page.

To get to this screen, you’ll want to click on the “Edit Page” menu in the upper right of your Page, and pull down to “Update Info.”

Edit page > Update info

If it’s an option (based on how old your page is and the number of likes), claim your custom Facebook URL. It’s much more intuitive for someone to find you this way. Bonus tip: you can shorten your URL from to This works with any Facebook URL. Simply replace “” with “” to check it out!

Example: shortens to

Check these Facebook settings!

If you have a relatively new page with less than 200 likes, Facebook gives you the option to change the name of your page for any reason. Be sure to check spelling, capitalization, and punctuation; mistakes reflect poorly on you (and are against Facebook’s terms of service!). And even if it seems hilarious at the time, I recommend not using profanity or any other slurs in your page name. People are not going to want to share content from your page if an F-bomb appears right next to their names.

With a couple of quick clicks, these simple modifications can improve your Facebook presence. If this information was helpful to you, please share it!

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