How I can help

Though a lot has changed in the last several years about the way we communicate, the basic ideas behind effective communication have not. Regardless of the tools or the media we use, we’re still just humans trying to connect with one another.

If you’re overwhelmed by the choices available to you in today’s digital world, I’ll help you get clear on the best path forward for your business’ or organization’s communication. A digital citizen for over 20 years, I’m intimately familiar with the culture, etiquette, and best practices of all major social networks. I can help you weather a social media crisis, or better yet, avoid one altogether. I’m awesome at newsletters and email marketing, copywriting, and light graphic design.

I’ll take the time to get to know you and your objectives so that I can recommend the most effective strategy personalized for you. Accustomed to working with nonprofits and other organizations who have limited time and money, I can walk you though where to start and why, what to say, when to branch out, and how to pull it all together into a cohesive, workable plan. I have the highest professional standards and will help you present your products and services in a way that today’s busy digital consumer will take notice. (It may or may not involve pictures of cats on the internet.)

thinking cat

Whether you need a guided tour of the major social networks, a hand setting up a single social networking profile, or need in-depth help setting up an ongoing content marketing strategy, I’m your girl. If you might be ready to work with me on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or ongoing basis, contact me at 724-708-7458.

Why I do what I do

The short answer? Because I love it.

The longer answer? I can see clearly how social media and other tech tools can change for the better the way music & arts education, nonprofits, and small business work. My advertising and marketing background, combined with my music education experiences, dunked in a thick, rich coating of social media fluency, makes for a delicious combination. It’s all served to you with a personal touch, without any of the sticky tech mumbo jumbo.

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