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Everybody makes mistakes. Here’s how to handle it online (or anywhere else)

sorry flickr butupaSo NBC News’ graphics department got a bit sloppy. Viewers noticed. Stuff happens.

They acknowledged the mistake right away. They explained their error. They made amends by doing a lovely little homage to New Hampshire. How could New Hampshire not forgive them?

New Hampshire Apology from NBC Nightly News

I had occasion to apologize myself a couple of weeks ago. I was promoting #ChalkTheBlock with the Norwin Area Arts Council. I took a team of students out to “prechalk” the block to build buzz for the upcoming event.

There was buzz, all right. Just not the kind I’d been hoping for.

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Big Apple Bound

empire state building

Today I’m headed to New York City for an exclusive event hosted by Derek Halpern of, a great site that talks about the psychology behind marketing. Not only will Derek be covering¬†“Mastering the Sale,” but he’s assembled a dream team of speakers (descriptions are Derek’s).

1. Ramit Sethi, NYT Best-selling author, and founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

2. Michael Port (who I watched recently on CreativeLIVE), NYT best-selling author of Book Yourself Solid.

3. James Altucher, author of the new book Choose Yourself (which is required reading, IMHO), and investor extraordinaire.

4. Will Hamilton, founder of a wildly profitable tennis training company called, “Fuzzy Yellow Balls.”

Looking forward to soaking up some wisdom! Hit me up with your favorite spots or things to do in NYC.